Four teachers rowing across the Pacific Ocean, USA to Australia to provide ‘live from the boat’ #STEM and environmental education to young people worldwide.

This is a unique challenge. They are not only participating in the world’s first Pacific Ocean rowing race, but unlike the 40 competing race crews, they will continue on to Australia, teaching children all over the world, live from their boat and inspiring the next generation. This will be a huge test of endurance, more unique than reaching the top of Everest or circumnavigating the world, or even visiting the moon.

As yet, no one has completed this route, no fours boat has completed this journey, and no female teams. Whilst the aim of the Fourbirdsaboating is to provide education live from the ocean, they expect to set several world records in the process, including first South African female to row across the Pacific Ocean and fastest fours crossing to Hawaii. They should arrive in Cairns, Australia in December 2014 after approximately 240 days at sea.

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