Rowperfect’s website is the place to go for ways to make your boat go faster.

We publish e-books on rowing and sell the RP3 rowing simulator, Coxmate amplifiers and speed measurement tools, rowing books and coaching DVDs. www.rowperfect.co.uk/shop 

Our news page (www.rowperfect.co.uk/news ) is updated daily and known around the world: articles cover coaching advice, information for athletes and coxswains as well as boat club managers and committee members. We aim to write about “things you won’t find anywhere else that answers your rowing questions”.

The Rowperfect RP3 is starting a revolution in the way rowing is taught and how athletes train. It’s so like rowing in a boat that it fast-tracks fitness gains and teaches how to move a boat. No longer can you assert that ergs don’t float because athletes who are fast on a Rowperfect will probably be very fast in a boat as long as they can handle an oar or a pair of sculls. Clubs buy Rowperfects to achieve consistent race winning crew performances.

“We are really chuffed to be working with Regatta Radio and supporting their work bringing rowing race excitement to a global audience.” Said Rebecca Caroe, owner of Rowperfect UK.