Regatta Radio is a highly acclaimed independent pop-up station, run by a knowledgeable team of rowing and radio enthusiasts, steeped in the heritage of the Regatta.

The station not only has a keen local and national following, but through the internet, commands a global reach (we have recorded visits to our website from at least 144 countries).

Now in its 7th year Regatta Radio commands an ever growing audience.

With the many additional features added to the Regatta Radio output for 2012 the station will be stronger than ever and a must-listen for all rowing aficionado’s.

Radio by its nature is an intrusive medium, if you’re listening to the radio you’ll be hearing sponsors messages and adverts. Regatta Radio offers a unique entrée to position your message in front of an exclusive select audience.

Find out more by contacting Peter McConnell on +447767 640668 or download the 2012 Sponsorship & Advertising Brochure.

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